Katy Green

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

I had GERD disorder for long time. Frequently stomach pain. I went through several diagnostic and lab tests but until medicine was in my stomach, I was feeling better but just after effect, pain and GERD was again back.

I was unable to eat my best recipes due to fear of GERD. Doctors said, I have to avoid taking all my recipes which was impossible for me. I was warned if I will use it, I may get cancer or critical disease.

I also checked all medicines, I was taking were harmful and toxic. It can damage my liver and kidney if longer used, I was almost dead.

One day I received a text from Holistic Clinic and I decided to try. Just believe me, miracle happened. They trained me a Yoga and gave me a herbal medicine called "Triphala" and a Homeopathy medicine. After using for a week, I am free of medicines. I am not only cured but my skin, aging, hair growth all area got an Improvements. I will recommend all of people to use Holistic in right way.



I am Maria, I bless Holistic Mantra team and doctors who helped me to cure my multi disorders. I was suffering from Influenza, I visited my physician and many other doctors but except pills and rest, I didn't get any other help. Whenever I was taking pills, it was making me feel good but later, after the effect, situation were more worse. Thank god Lisa found me and we discussed about this. I well served by Holistic Mantra's team and after using simple and holistic quick breathing technique and medicines I am free from all disease I had. Thanks!


Unconditional Service

I don't have a good feeling about holistic treatment, people use to consider holistic medicine late reacting medicines and it doesn't work quicker but I was wrong, seriously whatever I have heard about holistic treatment methodology is seriously wrong.

I am a chronic arthritis patient, not able to walk properly. Knee movement disorders and finally I got a suggestion of surgery, but I took a chance to for Holistic Treatment and it worked. Now I have almost improved and no more surgery required. Thanks to the Holistic Team.

Holistic is real wealth

I am not sure how to thank the holistic team for their services and support but they just saved my life and really thank the doctors working on patients and the team who always punctual to remind me medicine alert, day to day health monitoring. They never give up until I felt cured over my tumor.

Hey team, you are doing a great job and I wish you big bless.


Too generous to help

They told me that heart blockage doesn't need any surgery! "What", seriously! I asked those big hospitals, millions of experiments, and all other doctors' suggestions are just words?

Cool, I was not sure but I gave a try. I had left side back and chest pain and decided to follow the Holistic diet. My doctor was mad at me and warned me to not follow the Holistic treatment, I was afraid but I am also a freak to take chance. I was using both the treatment methodologies but after adding the Holistic method, I felt significant changes in pain and feeling better than before. Just 15 days and my next blockage reduced and now it even doesn't feel anymore. Thanks a lot.